Carnival in Aruba is one big Caribbean party, a world-class festival and to those who have never experienced it, it’s celebrated with such passion matched only by World Cup soccer. Its music is vibrant, colorful and bright-hued and the thing that makes Aruba’s carnival one of a kind, is that visitors all are part of the ongoing scene. Queen contests, huge reaches of musical competition, all spirit you into the early morning hours to go on for days and weeks.

‘Jouvert Morning’, the definitive Caribbean street celebration, food feasts, and more astounding parades every year, all lead up to the Grand Parade held in Oranjestad the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Two events that also draw admiring crowds are the Grand Children’s Parade, which is a huge get together of several districts, social clubs and schools and the Lighting Parade, a unique night affair to remember, where people are decorated with beautiful lights.

The Lighting Parade goes to the farthest point of dazzling glittery show time with miles of lighted fantasy floats and extravagantly stunning costumes; a kaleidoscope of light in the Carnival beat, shining brightly in the night and a tribute to the Aruban feeling of splendor.

Aruba’s 2024 Carnival schedule

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Aruba’s 2024 Carnival Schedule